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New Color Scheme Engine!

Warning, this entry is geeky!

Jenn and I have been working on a new color scheme engine for JournalScape for the last week and half, and it has finally rolled out! I'll be sending an official announcement soon, but I'm way too tired to draft a professional sounding email right now..

So, what the hell does this new color scheme engine do for me you ask? Well.. it does a couple of cool things. The first gen of the color scheme engine has some restrictions that were causing us some pains when creating new color schemes... and we all know how much you want new color schemes, so it was important to revamp so that we can fulfill your color dreams. :)

But the coolest thing is that we've started using style sheets so that we can automatically control the colors of links people put in their journal. So, if people add a link to something in their journal entry, it won't show up as the lame blue/purple default of the browser, it will show up properly colored according to their color scheme! neat! :)

Hey.. I _did_ warn you about the geekiness, it's totally not my fault you read this far.

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