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A New Look at Work

I'm experiencing something new at work.. a work ethic. I was brought up with a pretty strong work ethic, but working in the dot com environment (and having a pretty shitty life at the time) really eroded it. Almost no one around me had a strong work ethic (with a few notable exceptions who shall ironically not be noted here), they were all very selfish and complained more than worked. I certainly fell into this very same manner, don't get me wrong.

You work long hours trying to do more tasks than you can possibly handle, only to turn out software that isn't tested as well as it should be because the execs don't care about testing they want to see me working on fixing more problems. Then when the bugs that should have been avoided in the first place cause problems you get blamed for not testing enough, etc, etc. I'm getting off topic...

The real point is that my new company isn't like that. Sure.. they have their own growing pains they are dealing with, but the people I'm working with have a sincerely good work ethic. When they are working on a project, the foremost thing in their mind is what is best for the project and the company. They aren't thinking in the software elitest perspective that "we need to take the next 5 months so we can build a truely perfect system".. they realize it's an unattainable and unrealistic goal. Instead, they do the best they can for the moment and keep an open mind.

Generally once or twice a day we take a break to go play foos ball, and sometimes when the game has been hard fought and we stand at 8 to 8 (game is to 10)... we'll just stop and go back to work, because .. *gasp* we've been playing too long.

That NEVER would have happened at my last job. We would have spent "too long" as the standard amount of time and in some cases we would have played a ludicrous amount of time.


It's good for the soul to work with people who are good intentioned.

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