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Faux Java Certification Partial Results

I'm sure if I tried, I could find a way to make the subject of this entry be even less definitive, but why bother... :)

I took the mock test in my Java certification book this morning and got about 50% (*Kenny makes a sad face*).. so I'm going through taking the individial chapter tests to see which topics I was weakest on.

So far I'm looking at:
Chapter 1: 80% (a-boo... the most basic chapter should yield a 100% score)
Chapter 2: 70% (a-boo!)
Chapter 3: 80%
Chapter 4: 80%
Chapter 5: 72%
... more to come...

If I continue at this rate I'll actually get a passing score.. not a good one, but a passing score. I must really suck in later chapters to make up for all of these passing scores.

Chapter 6: 90% (yay!)
Chapter 7: 85% (yay!)
Chapter 8: 90% (woo!)
Chapter 9: 80% (yay!)

This is more like it... hmm.. so after getting such different results from the "chapter tests" and the "mock" test I decided to look closer. In the mock tests there are questions specifically there to mislead you, trick questions in my opinion that don't test knowledge but merely test a rigid semantic parsing skill.

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