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It's like they TRY to make it impossible...


One of my goals this weekend was to learn how to deploy an EJB into jBoss (an EJB compliant application server) and access it through a remote EJB client.

So, I took the documentation for jBoss which gave an example configuration. One of the configuration variables is a url to the app server where the client should connect. There example says to connect to port 9901... and all FRICKING day I've been trying to figure out why it wasn't working.

Well, genius, 9901 is a non-standard port. *sigh* Why do they put non-standard things in the first example configuration? *sigh* I understand they are trying to show you how to can set whatever port you want... and I'm sure the author figured it was obvious that it was a non-standard port because they mentioned what the standard port was a page and a half previously. However... when the standard port is 1099 and the example you use is 9901, the brain that hasn't groked all of this crap will not notice a difference. If they wanted to show a custom port, why not 1234? That's obviously a non-standard port. *sigh again*

It's like a cruel little joke that they are in on. I think they are probably sitting in there little cubicle somewhere snickering at me.. fuckers.


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