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Frustration and its close
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Good Deeds, Rants, and Happy Bits

Today was my last day at the "old" office! Woo hoo! Tomorrow is supposed to be a half day, but I was able to get the whole day off because I have to drive so much farther than everyone else (coming in for a half day for them makes a long more sense). So Monday I get to arrive at the beautiful new office... I've very excited not to be in "shit box", my old cubicle (and coincidentally the name of my friend Johnny's old car).

I'm preparing to spend an excellent weekend with Jenn, being able to sleep in late tomorrow, going to her martial arts tournament, maybe some Korean BBQ... all good times with Jenn. :)


Over the last two months, during all of my Java database projects, I've intermitantly wrestled with a database connection pooling package offered by the Apache Jakarta project (it's a way of reusing database connections over and over again.. very efficient). Well, I followed all of the directions, but it never seemed to work and I just didn't understand.

So, over the last few days, I decided it was my mission to figure it out. It didn't seem too complicated a piece of software so I figured I could fight it an win. In the end, I did, but I'm sad to say all the problems where caused by bad/error-filled documentation and poorly written code.

*tired sigh*

It's not normal for such bad quality to come out of Jakarta.. it's usually the bastion of example. So much so that the Java Libraries actually ship with some Jakarta libraries included as the reference implementation.

So, I just finished writing a long email listing the 4 major problems with the examples in the documentation. It was really hard to not sound angry in the email because of the difficulty involved in tracking the error down. Hopefully someone will actually read the email and make the changes I suggested to save other unsuspecting newbies the pain I had to go through.


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