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Obscure New JournalScape Feature

I just finished implementing RSS feeds for all JournalScape journals! woo!

Ok, ok, you're probably not that excited.. for the most part end users don't really care about RSS, but it's something that's very useful for automation geeks so I'm enjoying it. For example, Scott Reilly created a tool called j-walker which visits the journals he reads and aggregates links to new entries on a single page for him. A very cool thing! Unfortunately, it was adding a lot of extra hits on people's counters that didn't actually represent a visitor. Well, now with the RSS feeds in place, people like Scott can fetch that information as often as they want without skewing your counter stats.

A lot of people who maintain blogs use RSS to publish recent info about their site, so this also helps JournalScape integrate with other journaling sites.

I added links to my journal nav bar that go to the 3 different RSS feeds (for version 0.91, 1.0 and 2.0).. check them out if you want to (but it's probably kind of boring unless you are really geeky).

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