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MMMmmm.... inbalance...

Last night's class was a big departure from the norm. Usually we jump right in warming up and moving onto basic combos and techniques. Last night though, Do Joo Nim had us all sit down for meditation. He talked to us about how to sit, etc, and this led into a 25 minute long speech on Eastern/Korean philosophy. It was really hard to sit like that for 25 minutes, but the things he was saying where REALLY interesting.

One of the things I found particularly interesting was a bit about herbal treatment of sickness. Apparently, when using a plant to cure a problem, if the problem is in your lower body (like waist down) you use the roots of the plant. If the problem is in your torso/middle body, then you use the stalk or trunk of the plant. If the problem is in your head/upper body, you use the leaves/flowers. I think it's an interesting concept.

Then Do Joo Nim talked about the 3 centers of power in the body that control the mind, emotion and strength. That it is important to keep them in balance... it's bad to be very strong but very dumb or vice versa... and that's where I come in. Do Joo Nim starts talking about how it's very bad if you are a "Computer Genius" who spends his entire day in front of a computer.... now, he wasn't actually looking directly at me... but really he was talking specifically about me.

Jenn and I talked about it and it really is true. We both spend far more time in front of computer's than we do keeping our bodies strong. 8 hours in front of a computer at work, probably 2-3 hours at home during the weekdays. That's 11 hours a day, 55 hours during a work week. 6 hours of martial arts. 55... 6. :/ Gonna have to figure something out.

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