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Kick Him While He's Down

When is the best time to kick a person? When their head is next to your boot.

- Ken, original source unknown

Yesterday morning before work, I was packing up my Hwa Rang Do bag, getting everything in order... except for one thing. I couldn't find my cup. Wednesday night's class involves sparring, so a cup is truely important. No one wants to get kicked in the nuts. I had to get to work though and I couldn't spend any longer looking for it.

I decided when I got to the dojang that night that I would just buy a new one. I figured, "Hey, it's only $7 and it's very important to have one. An extra couldn't hurt."


Nobody's Molasses kicked me in the nuts SO hard that it still hurt like a mother f***** THROUGH the cup. I cannot imagine the pain I would have been in WITHOUT the cup (it was totally an accident during sparring, I raised up to kick just after he did, he was very sorry the whole thing happened).

So, as I'm doubled over, gasping for air, Do Joo Nim comes over and asks me if I'm ok. "*gasp* I'll be ok, sir. I'm wearing my cup, but it still hurts." Then he tells me to lie down on my stomach. I figure he's probably got some Eastern medical solution to help with the pain. What does he start to do?



*snickers* Right at the spot where my butt meets my thigh, he starts kicking me repeatedly. He switches kicking the left a few times, kicking the right a few times. And then suddenly.... the pain goes away. *shakes head* It took only 10 seconds and the pain was all gone.

I swear, it never ceases to amaze me the things this man knows.

I hurt myself so often in martial arts (my back, my leg, my wrist, my other things as mentioned above)... if it weren't for Do Joo Nim I think I'd be dead.

Or at least I'd have to give up martial arts.

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