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Crossing the Line

Sunday was a fabulous day.

I got a very small keyboard (with full size keys) that I've been looking for forever. Ken found it at Fry's and pointed me in the right direction. I played around on my computer for a little while, then switched over to the laptop and got frustrated.

I've got an old shitty laptop and I'm trying to make something useful out of it. I can't get any Windows newer than 98 to install on it and I can't get Win95 to recognize my network cards (wireless or not). So I decided to go for Linux. I can get the most recent version of RedHat Linux to install, but the drivers for my wireless card do not work like the instructions say they will work. *sigh* I really want the ability to leave the office in our apartment and just fiddle around/code while watching TV in the living room... or whatever.

So, Jenn and I started looking around online for a new laptop for me. We looked at Dell and Gateway, two sites I normally swear by... but I was amazed at how fraudulent the sites are. It's all bait and switch. "This laptop as low as $699!" and then with all of our technical expertise, we are unable to find a set of links or configurations that will show us that laptop at $699. *big sigh*

We found some acceptable laptops, but I just didn't find myself being excited about it. That put me to thinking... why am I not excited?

Well, one of the reasons I wanted Linux on my old laptop is because I'm having to do more C programming at work now, so I'd like to experiment in that arena. That's REALLY hard to do on a Windows box, but REALLY easy to do in UNIX.

Ok, so if I get a new laptop I want to install Linux on it. That's when I figured out why I wasn't excited.


If I get a new laptop, what's the guarentee that I won't have this exact same problem? I enjoy and even love working with unix, but I hate configuring it to understand it's hardware. If I could get somebody to do that for me full time, I'd buy it in a second.

And then I realized the solution.

I had to cross the line.

In Jenn's cute little hands was a white laptop that configured itself, had an attractive (if not a little foreign) desktop, and still had a unix prompt with unix libs and unix compilers.

an Apple iBook.

My main complaint about MacOS for a long time was it's lack of applications and my inability to really get my fingers in behind the scenes if I wanted to. Suddenly though... they solved it. MacOS X is built on BSD Unix.

I never anticipated it, but I'm buying a Mac.

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