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Happy and Grumpy

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Full Throttle My Landlord

Yesterday we found out that our apartment building had just installed brand new washing machines and dryers throughout the complex. The new machines don't take quarters, we have to use a refillable debit card. See how convenient is it, we don't have to worry about running out of quarters.. if the card runs out we can refill it in the complex, wasn't that nice of them? Of course... they don't hold as much and they raises the prices... but see how convinient it is to spend more money?

We do about 25 loads a month (martial arts classes 3-4 times a week for both of us causes a lot of washing).. previously it was 75 cents to wash and 75 cents to dry. That's $37+ a month.

The new washers only hold 2/3 the amount, so every 3 loads turns into a 4th. That's about 8 extra loads a month... so we're up to 33 loads. The new prices are $1.25 to wash and a $1.00 for drying. That's just under $75... :(

I realize that's it's only approx $35 a month, but it's really annoying. Especially when I just went through all the pain of getting to the bank and getting $40 in quarters.

*sigh* ah well... jerks.

As for the real Full Throttle...

Jenn and I went and saw Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle last night and loved it!!! It was so much fun. The movie knows that it's just about having fun and it does that. It's gratuitous and over the top and I loved every bit of it. The made homages to all sorts of movies, including Singing in the Rain, Spiderman, and Indiana Jones. I don't normally like Demi Moore, but I thought she did a really good job. I also enjoyed the camio from an actual Angel. :)

Above all though... the high point of the movie for me was Cameron Diaz doing THE EVIL PENGUIN.

For those of you who know me... you KNOW the what the evil penguin is... I had so much fun!

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