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I understand now...

We went to a BBQ at a friend of Ken and Shelley's for 4th of July, there was a little gaming, a little BBQing and a little conversation.

I've always heard that people lose fingers and get severe burns due to fireworks on the 4th of July. However, I've always kind of wondered how it happened so much, I mean, I've played with fireworks before but I've never really even been close to possibly hurting myself. I figured there would always be freak accidents... but now I understand.

There was a group of guys a couple houses over that were totally irresponsible and just plain stupid when it came to playing with the fireworks. They would hold rockets in their hands and light them, they were firing roman candles pointed in the direction of a large group of kids... all sorts of stupid stuff. I saw them setup too large tube launchers.. one guy lit the first one and then was obviously having trouble lighting the second one. He just kept trying to light it and trying to light it and then the first one finished the fuse and a shower of sparks and fire shot up through the guys face. *shakes head* Incredible. I was just really happy that they didn't hurt anyone outside of their group (even they launched at least 2 things into other people's back yards).

Fireworks are dangerous... but they are only REALLY dangerous if you're an idiot.

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