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Vulcan Nerve Pinch

So, something REALLY cool happened yesterday. I'm sharing an office with a local Googler, she's really nice and has been helping me quite a bit (the reason for my trip). Unfortunately, yesterday she started having really bad stomach pains (muscle based). They were really bad, I could hear her whimpering every once in awhile and it was really interfering with her minute to minute tasks. She thought about making a doctor's appointment, but like most people didn't really want to go through the trouble.

So, I thought to myself... there has to be something we can do to help her.. and I thought of Do Joo Nim. He could fix it! So I did a quick websearch (using this cool thing called Google *wink*) for pages on acupuncture and abdominal pain. The pages I found were exactly what I was looking for and found the a point in the arm that when stimulated is supposed to help fix abdominal pain (two inches from the wrist, in between the tendons).

I told her about the point and she started massaging it a few mintues on each arm. She'd do it whenever she felt another wave of pain coming on. And here's the cool part... it worked! She said as soon as she started massaging the point, the pains would back off a little bit and after about an hour of regularly massaging the point the pains were gone completely!!!!

Maybe the pains were already on the way out? Could be.. but I like my explanation better.

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