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Google searched ME

I decided to take a little break after accomplishing my big task for the week (managed to finish the project I came up here for a couple of hours early), so took Hedwig (my iBook) out to the lounge area to relax a little.

Do a little surfing, chat with Jenn, etc (wireless networks rock). Lots of people walk by since the lounge is in a fairly central place. I notice one of them stop in my peripheral vision and look at me. Then he said, "Is that an iBook?" and approached.

I turned around, answered and then realized that he was Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google. He apparently is thinking about getting an iBook and had a bunch of questions about it. It was cool, he's a really nice guy, very friendly, not intimidating at all.

The conversation turn kind of a funny turn then...

Sergey: Yeah, I was thinking about getting one.
Kenny: Well, I really like mine so I recommend it.
Sergey: Cool... so... do you work here?

Heh.. I properly introduced myself and told him that I was visiting from the Santa Monica office (and he seemed really happy at hearing that, perhaps he's glad that we are integrating well).

It was just kind of a neat overall experience. :)

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