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The Painted World

I'm up to chapter 15 in Snow Crash and REALLY enjoying it. I can't help but be enthralled by the descriptions of the world. The real world, the metaverse it's all painted so wonderfully. Being the hyper-geek that I am, I'm truly impressed at how realistic the metaverse is.

Now, that's a strange statement. Much of the text talks about the bits of the metaverse that don't reflect reality and gives small insights into the how the metaverse works. None of it is real, but understanding how computers work, how online communities grow, how normals and geeks interact... it's so good. I believe it, completely.

For example... Hiro is a guy without a lot of money but manages to have his own personal house directly off of The Street, the center of the metaverse, in a neighborhood that doesn't allow advertisements. Why? cuz he was there when it wasn't profitable. He was there making it happen in the beginning, it's like squatter's rights. :) That's how it would happen in the real world.

Or... the fact that all of the avatars on The Street are not allowed to be taller than their human counterpart in the real world... because that's how The Street Protocol was originally written. Rules that were set down in the very beginning by geeks.. who like rules... and make standards. It's exactly how the Internet came into being and exactly how the metaverse would come into being also.

It follows paradigms and rules that a real metaverse would follow. Another example.. bandwidth. Not everyone connected to the metaverse looks the same. Avatars don't all look the same.. some are sharp (those with high speed connections), some are all black&white and fuzzy (those without). After playing countless hours of Quake or Ultima Online, I am intimately familiar with the luxury that bandwidth affords to those online.... where all users are NOT created equal. Those who know how the system works, knows how to manipulate the system to their benefit.

I know, I know, I'm babbling and all of you read Snow Crash years ago... but bear with me. I'm exicited and you'll just have to endure. :)

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