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Medieval Torture?

During the conference, DJN showed us how to use "cupping" to heal hurt muscles, clear blood blots, etc.

Cupping is a technique where you create a vaccuum in a small glass or plastic bell and put that on the skin so that it sucks the skin up into itself. This stimulates blood flow and causes the brain to think it's being attacked, so it directs the immune system to focus its energy at that spot.

Whenever I mention this, people ask me if it is the thing where you burn a candle underneath to warm the gas in the bell so that when it was placed on the skin and cooled down, it would pull the skin up. I explained it was the same kind of thing, but that the set that DJN used just had a little hand pump that pulled the air out.

I kept wondering why everyone I thought it was this evil looking thing that had to do with heating the bells up (which makes it so much more painful)... well, I did some web searching to see if I could find instructional material on how to do cupping and the first 10 results all were descriptions and examples of burning candles in the bells, instead of modern one-way valve contraptions.

No wonder everyone thought it was so medieval, it looks like it!

Our set of cups (or roughly, boohang) isn't scary. :)

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