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The Great "TiVo" Experiment

This weekend, Jenn and I embarked on the daunting task of reinventing our office. We haven't been using it, so we performed urban renewal this weekend. We have consolidated down to 1 desk and 1 computer, but added our extra couch!

What to do with the extra computer? FreeVo

A free, open source TiVo like linux-based software solution. :) Oh yeah, baby! I may need to get a bigger hard drive for the computer (it's only got 10 GB of space), but its not that expensive for such things.

There is a TV Guide syndicated via XML, the FreeVo software fetches the XML to find out what shows are playing at what times.. and with a little Kenny hacker magic this can be combined with things like the IMDB XML feeds..

Kenny: "FreeVo, please record all movies in the next two weeks with John Cusack, but no duplicates."

FreeVo: "I hear and obey."

I shouldn't be this giddy about these kinds of things, should I?

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