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WestSIIIDE! *makes weird hand gestures*

Jenn and I talked the other night about my recent physical problems. Shoulder and neck pains, knee pains, etc. I kept chalking them up to martial arts or other "obvious" things... but Jenn started asking some pointed logical questions and making some insightful observations.

"Obvious" Reasons for Pain:

1) Martial Arts - Obviously I'm having physical problems because I practice martial arts and I get hurt. BEEP Wrong. After talking and thinking about it we started to realize it wasn't true. I haven't actually been getting hurt in class... so if I'm not getting hurt and I'm constantly working out... why is my body getting weaker instead of stronger?

2) Sitting in front of a computer - Obviously this must be it. People always have problems sitting in front of computers with repetitive stress problems and such. BEEP Wrong. I am _VERY_ conscious of the way I sit and I've even been on a quest to try to find a keyboard that causes less arm/shoulder tension. Besides, I've been sitting in front of computers for 10 years, I've never had problems before and I'm using an Aeron chair (very healthy design).

So, we talked and thought... when did the pains begin? It took us a while but we came to the conclusion it has been mostly in the last year or maybe 2. In the span of time that my daily commute went from 15 minutes to and hour and a half. So, I paid attention to my body in the car the next morning.

BINGO There wasn't a single minute... not even a single MOMENT during my hour commute that my body felt comfortable. Either my knees or my shoulders were under stress.

I must shorten my daily commute for my own health.

Jenn and I are looking for an apartment on the Westside. Santa Monica, Venice, Mar Vista... somewhere around there (close to Google). I love the Valley, I love Glendale, but for my own health, I must leave.

We aren't leaving tomorrow or anything. The West side is very expensive, so we are going to be patient and find a good place, a place we can be happy in. If it turns out to be bad, hey it will only be a year. From the proper perspective it is a very small amount of time.

Wish me luck, and send me suggestions for locations to look. :)

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