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Why must my keyboard mock me?

As I have explained before, I am on a quest. A quest for the perfect keyboard. I bought another one (yes, another one.. some people buy shoes, some collect books, I buy keyboards).

My new keyboard

My requirements:

- Doesn't have the big huge keypad on the side that unbalances the keyboard (I want my mouse MUCH closer to the center of my workstation to cut down on physical stress).
- Arrow keys have to be in a T pattern. The L pattern found on many laptops is unacceptable.
- Must have a Windows key
- Must click

So, the above keyboard looks great! From a requirement perspective anyway. It certainly isn't an attractive keyboard.

I just received it... the Ctrl Key isn't in the right place. Why? WHY?!

The key on the bottom row all the way to the left is a "Function" key. To the left of the Space bar is Alt and then Ctrl. That is one of the hardest places on a keyboard to hit (directly under the palm).

No problem... I'm a geek, I can remap my keyboard so that when Linux gets the "Function" key code it interprets it as Ctrl. *BUZZ* Thank you for playing. The key doesn't send a code, it's only internal to the keyboard. You hold it down and press some other key and that key sends some other code. Like F1+Function = F11. *sigh* So it's not its own key and I can't remap it.

What a cruel, heartless world this is. Don't you understand how large and overwhelming my problems are?! I can't find a good keyboard! Obviously I need to just frickin design and build my own.

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