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USB 2.0 is a lie

I have been looking to buy a scanner recently and found a really nice scanner for a good price.

I almost bought it and then suddenly realized, what if my iBook doesn't support USB 2.0? So, I talked to the Mac Guru's and they said my iBook only supports USB 1.1

I just found out that USB 2.0 is a complete lie.

The organization that manages the USB standard decided that USB 1.1 was getting a bad rap, so they RENAMED it from USB 1.1 to USB 2.0 Full Speed and then they RENAMED USB 2.0 to USB 2.0 High Speed.

I cannot believe that they would be SO deceptive and manipulative. To me, it is utterly fraudulent to pull this kind of crap. The USB 2.0 standard was already out and being used when they renamed it, we as the public had already learned what it was and then they renamed it. I'm so angry at them for treating us like this.

I hope more hardware will be developed for FireWire because I'm not real happy with the USB people right now.

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