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Google vs. MSN

I just read a very interesting article about the Google search engine vs. the Microsoft search engine. Granted, I'm biased, but you already understand that.


Some interesting bits:

I next did a search on MSN for "search engines" (with and without the quotations) and search and invariably, MSN comes up first. I never found Google at all. I stopped looking for it after the 300th result for search engines and 200 for search. Google was simply not findable in any reasonable way on MSN. Maybe you can find it, but I tried twice and I couldn't

It is possible to find Google via MSN's search, but you have to search for things like "google" or "search engine larry page" (Larry is one of Google's founders).

... and of course:

I then went to Google, and I ran the same searches. You can find MSN on Google just fine, on page 2. It doesn't list itself first, either. They are number 4, with Yahoo and Alta Vista ahead of it when you do a search for "search." When you search for "search engines" you get helpful things like Search Engine Watch, number one on the list

One of the first things we were told when we got hired is that the PageRank function we use does not improve our own standings. I am proud of that.

It talks about a couple of other issues, I recommend reading it for yourself.

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