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I'm paranoid of spam

*sigh* It's just not fair.

I got a piece of spam this morning that was "Verified" by the "Spamming Bureau" not to be Spam. It had a text box and button at the top to submit the spammers email address if it actually turned out to be spam. So, I look at this email and I think to myself... "Is the spammer just trying to trick me into verifying my email address is working? If I submit their form, they will know it came from me and that my email is working and I'm reading their spam so they will send me a 1000 more."


So I decide to look up this http://www.spammingbureau.com/ and see if they are legit.

I look at the site and now I'm thinking... "Did the spammer setup this website just to make me think the Spam Bureau was a legit organization?" *sigh* I'm paranoid!

Down at the bottom of the page, they have Survey Results: "What word do you associate spam with the most?" They have several words and their percentages listed... and it makes me think of the Simpsons.

Last night we watched an episode where Springfield Elementary got shutdown and was then reopened by a corporation. Instead of teaching lesson plans and whatnot, they were using the kids to help them design a better toy and do product/market research.

So... if this site IS setup by a spammer, are they trying to get me to tell them how I identify spam so that they can change how they phrase things so that I won't be able to filter out their spam or identify it as easily?


I hate spam. So very, very much. All spammers must die.. slowly and painfully.

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