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Wankers and Winners and Ringers, oh my!

I got several support emails yesterday about some wanker who decided it would be funny to post some javascript in people's comments that popped up a stupid window 12000 times, so you got stuck with it on the screen. I thought something like that might become a problem someday and figured I'd fix it then. So I did. :) I removed all of the wanker's comments and added code to filter out any javascript in the future. Round 1 of Script Kiddie Wanker vs Kenny goes to Kenny.

I took part in an internal contest at Google over the weekend and WON A 40GB IPOD!!!!!!!! How fricking cool is that?!

Last night I got an email from Steven who had tickets to a Q&A with folks from Lord of the Rings! Peter Jackson (Director), John Rhys-Davies (Gimli), Elijah Wood (Frodo), Sean Astin (Sam) and Dominic Monaghan (Merry). It was really awesome to see them in a more human setting, just being people. I always love it when you get to see celebrities just being a group of guys hanging out.

Sean Astin was like a little kid, so happy and excited about the whole thing. I found out that Sam's little daughter at the end of Return of the King was played by Sean Astin's real daughter. That got a big "awwwww" from the audience. :)

Possibly the coolest thing of the whole night was something that John Rhys Davies said to Sean Astin. He told him that Sean should feel absolutely robbed for not getting nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor. Davies felt that Astin had one of the best performances he'd ever seen and felt sad on Sean's behalf that he didn't get nominated.

That's powerful stuff and I totally agree. I think Sean Astin did an amazing job as Sam. Sam is such a great character, strong and good and heroic to the last.

There was a lot of joking around and funny bits. I learned that Elijah Wood got to keep The One Ring as a keepsake, very appropriate and VERY cool.

So, I got to hang out with Steven and see some amazing movie peeps along the way! WOO!

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