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When you are ahead by 20, don't be a dick

Once again, we venture forth into the suck-tasm that is softball. We were losing, but we seemed to be having fun. Then... when it's 21 to 2, after the play is obviously over, one of the members of the opposing team (who I will refer to as The Asshole henceforth) decides to steal Home because I (as the pitcher) don't have the ball yet. I was standing and covering home plate for a long throw in, but the guy stopped on 3rd like he should have. So, I start walking back to the pitching mound but the person on 2nd base hasn't thrown the ball to me (because I'm walking towards her, we all figure she'll just throw it to me when I get closer)... so The Asshole on 3rd sees his opportunity and steals Home.

Dude... seriously... you just stole Home plate to make the score 22 to 2... you're an Asshole. One of our outfielders (a guy who isn't afraid to say things, much in line with my own feelings) yells out, "Yeah, 'cause that's what I would have done if I were ahead by 20! Jerk!"


Next week, we play against a team called Feet First. They are more on our skill level, but more importantly they know how to have fun. For them, it's not about winning... it's about going drinking and karaokeing afterwards. Which we plan to do.

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