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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

Yes We Can

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We had our last game of the season.... 19-7... and by 19-7, I mean Googlewhackers 19 - CVAX 7! That's right, ladies and gentlemen! We _actually_ won a game! A decisive victory even! WOOO!! I am so proud of everyone, they did SUCH a good job, we were playing like a team who actually knew what they were doing. I managed to bring home a respectable scrap on my knee acquired while successfully sliding into 3rd, several home runs, some AMAZING defensive plays... all around it was amazing. I have to describe my favorite play of the game:

Tina is pitching, Chris is playing 1st, Jenn (not Jenn Reese, Jenn from work) is playing Second. It's a line drive in between Chris and Jenn. Chris bolts for it and just gets a glove on it, but isn't able to scoop it up, Jenn is right behind him and now that it's slowed down she can grab it. But, no joke intended, who's on 1st? While this has been happening, Tina has been running from the pitcher's mound toward 1st. Tina gets on 1st and Jenn underhands the ball to her just as she picks it up. The throw is a little short and Tina looks like she's going to have to step off the base to grab it.... with both feet still on the base, she tips and falls. Like a tree that has just been toppled, her entire body just tips over and hits the ground.... and just before she hits the ground, the ball lands in her glove. Feet still on the base... the runner is OUT!

It was amazing!

A bunch of us went out for some beer and karaoke to celebrate. :) Feet First, the fun team we like to play, was already there and throwing down on the mic. It was a total blast! I karaoke'd Baby Got Back, by Sir Mix-a-lot and Feet First was there for me during the "Fellas! Fellas!" and "Ladies! Ladies!" section of the song. :)

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