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Bali: Tuesday Adventures

After breakfast, Jenn, Jason & I went out for a walk through a section of Kuta that Jeff suggested. We were accosted every 10 ft (no exaggeration) by merchants who wouldn't take "no" for an answer. After a couple of blocks, Jason was offered a massage by some amazingly old woman. We were sure we'd never see Jason again, but he was determined. So we parted and Jenn and I decided to walk down to the beach where I set feet in the "Indian Ocean" (it's a stupid name for it considering how many countries border it). We were again accosted by people offering massages, watches, sunglasses or tattooes. Yeah, a tattoo on the beach in a 3rd world country. After a awhile walking down the beach we headed back by way of an internet cafe, but it looked scary, so we walked on. We headed back to the hotel and jumped in the pool. It was a good pool, nestled in a group of trees, very refreshing. :)

We went to this Chinese food place for lunch which, for me, was really all about what happened outisde. As we got out of the van, a woman carrying a child and followed by another, put out her hand and said, "Give me money." She kept saying it over and over, but then switched to "Give me drink." to anyone holding a water bottle. I was struck with how ludicrous it was. The thing that made it so odd though was how she was asking, or rather, that she wasn't asking. Not, "Can you spare any money?" or even "Can I have money?".. it was "Give me money,"

After lunch, we headed to a big wholesale type market:

The market was crazy, it was scary crossing the street beacuse people DO NOT stop for you. They will slow down some if you are really forceful, but that's it. Once again there was the accosting. My favorite was the guy selling sunglasses who physically got in my way and refused to take "no." I was WEARING sunglasses and he wouldn't give up. There we went back and forth through the aisles trying to find favors for the wedding. It was VERY stressful.

We managed to score a bunch of good wedding favors: little drums, rain sticks, hand fans, etc. :) There was a lot of cool stuff there, but no one spoke English and we couldn't distract Maya from the wedding tasks in front of her.

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