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Bali: Night in Ubud

Just got back from the evening in Ubud! It was totally awesome! We walked all over Ubud looking at the different sites until we found a nice looking Internet Room and took some time for guilty pleasure. :) We checked our email and checked some journals, it was a good little bit of home in the middle of the vacation.

We walked back up Monkey Forest Rd. and over to Ary's Warung, a hip little restaurant/bar in the middle of Ubud.

I had this amazing crispy, tender chicken with an amazing unknown sauce. Iron Chef food at Denny's prices. MMMmmmm. We had a wonderful dinner talking about all sorts of things. I'm really having an awesome time with Jenn.

Back at the resort... we headed down to the beautiful pool. It's pitch black outside except for the lanterns. The deepest, most royal blue I've ever seen was coming from the pool. It is so beautiful, it's hard to describe.

On the way down to the pool we ran into two workers who were sitting on the steps of the resort restaurant. They were so surprised to see us they both they jumped up to greet us and one of them accidentally said "Good Morning" instead of "Good Evening." :)

As we walked toward the pool, more workers scattered. This place is empty, so a bunch of workers were chillin by the pool side assuming that no one was even present or that they wouldn't come down to the pool that late. We invited them to stay, but they scattered and disappeared.

We talked a lot more, about martial arts and all sorts of things. I looked for the southern cross, we paddled around. Good, good times.

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