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National Security Movie Sucks

I'm chillin at home after my first paintball outing with my birthday loot! :) woo!!! Had a blast... but to the subject.

I noticed a Martin Lawrence movie on HBO called National Security. I figured, what the hell. It was a horrible choice. Martin Lawrence's character, Earl, is horribly stereotypical, assumes that all bad things that happen to him are the white man trying to keep the black man down. Often this stereotype _can_ be funny, but because he approaches everything this way he ruins the white cop's life (Hank).

A random citizen video tapes what looks like a Rodney King scuffle, but it's a misunderstanding, Hank is trying to swat a bumble bee because Earl is allergic. The two are on the other side of a car so the video looks like Hank is beating Earl. Earl intentially lies to the court, Hank (a _genuinely_ good guy) gets fired and imprisoned for 6 months, loses his girlfriend and pretty much gets his entire life fucked.
Earl never redeems himself, he never actually admits to lying and ruining Hank's life. By the end of the movie, Hank has his girlfriend back, but not due to Earl admitting it or attempting to fix it. The girlfriend figures it out on her own. In fact, at one point Earl says he'll tell the girlfriend about the lie and when he finds out the girlfriend is black he lies again to her because he doesn't like white men dating black women. The white guy also gets reinstated onto the police force, but again not because of Earl recanting on his lies. The two of them solve a huge case and bust some dirty cops, so it was based on their actions. Instead of being a great cop who is a hero for foiling the bad guys, he's a cop attempting to redeem himself from the horrible public mark put on him.

It's terrible. *shakes head* I really liked Hank as a character, he was likeable, but not Earl. That really ruins the movie, because the genuinely good guy gets his life ruined only because the other main "hero" is a jerk. Fooey.

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