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Real World Applications of Ender Pt 2

Went out today for my 2nd round of paintball with my spanky equipment which I got for my birthday. I got 5 confirmed kills! 4 of them were in one game and were because of what I like to call the "Ender Game" :) It's not actually using Ender's strategy, it's using the example of when his General didn't like him so he forced Ender to hide in the corner to the end of the game, but it allowed Ender to snipe at people without being observed and keep the other team from winning.

One of the fields has a maze on one side that each team usually send about 8 people into. Those 8 people weave their way through and by the end of it there's usually only 2 people on one team left. For some reason, no one on our team ran toward the maze and Keaver and I realized we would be totally unguareded on that side. So, we ran into the maze... 2 instead of the normal 8. We got about 1/3 of the way through the maze when Keaver got picked off. They saw each other and both fired, it was just bad luck that the ball that hit Keaver exploded and the ball bounced off the other guy without breaking.

So, now I'm in the maze all alone and I'm assuming I'm vastly outnumbered. So I decided the last time I was in the maze, the "Ender Game" seemed to work so I wanted to try it again. I found a corner in the maze where I was highly covered and where there were TINY little holes in the wall that would allow me to look through and see if people were coming.

I saw one guy advancing through the maze toward my position and waited for him to walk past me so I could shoot him in the back. Before he got up to me, I see one of his buddies walking by a window on the left side of the maze (I'm hiding on the right). The guy is looking "forward" instead of sideways towards me, so I pop up and tag him in the shoulder and crough down again. 1 guy down. The guy I was waiting for now knows where I am, so he starts retreating to better cover. I decide to go for it, I pop back up and side step, we both see each other, we both fire. The paint explodes on him and I called a ref over to check me to see if I was hit. He said I was clean so I went back into my hiding place. 2 guys down.

The rest of my team got picked apart and I think I was the only member left. There were at least 2 members of the other team (the more I think about it, I think they were the only two left). We were playing "Center Flag" where the goal is to advance to the center of the field, grab the flag and then continue to advance all the way to the enemy's side with the flag. So, the remaining 2 members of the enemy team grab the flag and start running for my side because they don't realize I'm still alive. They run past my place in the maze, so I pop up step out of the maze and tag both of them in the back. :) 4 down!

The refs call the game over (which is what makes me think that they were the only members left) and I successfully stopped them from winning! WOO!

I took some pictures at the park, but it's on my APS camera so I won't be able to post them until I get the film developed.

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