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I'm Certifiable

I've been studying for Sun's Java Programmer Certification for a LONG time. I've actually been ready for quite a while, but due to laziness on my part and to a REALLY bad customer interface for scheduling appointments I haven't taken the test.

Until today! I managed to get an appointment today, went down to the testing site and WHAM! Kicked that test's ass! :)

52% is required to pass. I got 86%. :)

I certainly could have done better, but I think 86% is pretty damn good. I've taken a couple of practice exams that come with the study guides and whatnot and the last time I took the practice test I got 85%, so I'd have to say those practice exams were right on!

What does this mean? Eh, actually not much. It's something to help me gauge my own skill really and, universe forbid, I ever need to show my resume to another company. I've been wanting to be a Java guru for a long time and these certification tests are one of the ways I can help convince myself I'm not just faking it. :) Next the Developer's Exam! Which instead of focusing on programming, focuses on design. :)

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