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SoCal Smackdown!

Note: The minor event this entry documents happened at the same time as Jenn's amazing Black Belt Test!

Today was the Google SoCal Smackdown! A Softball game between the Santa Monica office and the Newport office. It was a ton of fun and we even managed to win, 23-19! It was a close game the entire time, which makes it really fun. :) We had little tiny trophies and had the spectators vote on MVP for each team and Most Memorable Moment for the Women and the Men. I received the MVP award for the Santa Monica team :) :) Woo!

Everyone did really well, almost none of the hits into the outfield hit the ground, shortstop managed to pick a ton of hits right out of the air, our 1st baseman is 6'6" so even when we threw it poorly to him he was freakishly tall enough to grab it anyway. :)

After the game and the little awards, I hopped in the car and headed down to Laguna Beach to pick up Jenn after her test. Unfortunately, I didn't make it down in time to see her receive her certificate and that makes me really sad. :( However, I did get to spend a little time with her, Lisa, Angela and Wally afterwards. Jenn, Lisa and Angela all looked like they had visited every Circle of Hell. I'm sure when Jenn is able to move her arms or hands at all, she'll post about it in detail. :)

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