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Internet Explorer ... Terrorist Plot?

Department of Homeland Security Says Stop Using Internet Explorer

The particular virus initiated this week inserts Java script into certain Web sites. When users visit those sites, it initiates pop-up ads on home and office computers, and allows keystroke analysis of user information. The target is believed to be credit card numbers. CERT estimated that as many as tens of thousands of Web sites may be affected.

I have mixed feelings on this.

1) I think in general it's a great idea to stop using IE. IE breaks way too many of the rules and because it holds so much market share the web is having to live in a broken state so that it looks good in IE.

2) I think it's bad for the government to tell us that we shouldn't use this technology because it makes it easy for terrorists to get our credit card numbers. Every piece of technology is going to have exploits at one time or anything. If they really believe the concept behind this statement, then they need to issue the same thing for Outlook and really the Windows OS in general. They should send out an alert about Bluetooth and that it's easy to hack into your personal electronics while you are sitting in a coffee shop. *sigh* It's a bad precent, something the government seems to be REALLY good at lately.

Don't get me wrong, I think it is FABULOUS that more people are downloading Mozilla's Firefox Browser... but I think it's dumb that the US Government is trying to make me afraid of using my computer because terrorists are analyzing my keystrokes. Email viruses which are almost ENTIRELY propagated by Microsoft Outlook are way more dangerous than this JavaScript exploit. Email viruses are self-propogating. This javascript thing requires you to actively browse to the page.

So... go, download Mozilla Firefox and start using it, or Netscape 7 if you aren't comfortable with Firefox (or just use Safari if you have Mac OS X).... but don't do it because you think Al Qaida is going to steal your credit card number.

Do it because it's good for the web in general to have competition.
Do it because it will force Microsoft to stop dilluting the HTML and web standards at their whim.
Do it because IE hasn't made any significant progress in years and the Mozilla browsers have been constantly moving forward.

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