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An yang ee kai ship sheeyo!

All those syllables in Korean and it simply means "Goodbye!" Phew!

Our trip to Korea begins this evening! It's been a long time coming and I'm making a sincere effort to find the good in all of the bad. My martial arts school is the one organizing it and no one in the school is good with planning. <rant> We have a 15 hour flight, then 8 hours of a site seeing and then a Black-Tie dinner all in the first day. *shakes head* Who the hell thought this was a good idea? We have to wear specially colored t-shirts each day so we all look the same... but they gave us 4 shirts for 8 days. *shakes head* I could go on for an hour... </rant>

Ok, I think I've gotten that out of my system. This will be my second stamp in my passport and I'm totally excited. While it was exciting to go to Bali for it's own beauty and Jeff and Maya's wedding, the place didn't hold anything special for me going in. In contrast, since starting my studies in Hwa Rang Do I've become very interested in the language and history of Korea. I'm totally excited to see the Hwa Rang ruins of the Silla Dynasty (I've been told the Silla Dynasty is the longest lasting dynasty in history at 1000 years!)

Today is full of packing and buying and running to get ready to leave by 6:30!! Gotta go!

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