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Korea Day 1: Day of Unconsciousness

We arrived in Korea Friday morning at 5:30am. Grabbed our luggage, headed to a local hotel were we met up with the second bus full of people from Europe and ravaged a local convenience store. This is where Kyle gains his new title: Drink Master 5000

One of the fun things about going to the convenience/grocery stores is that there are a ton of cool things that we've never seen before. Kyle takes it upon himself to try every different drink he can find :) along with Jenn who has found a new favorite in Pine Needle Drink.

From there we drove to Seoul which doesn't look much different than the US. It's kind of strange, when we went to Bali it was like we had entered an alien world, but the land here doesn't look all that different and there are English signs _everywhere_ so it's not all that intimidating.

In Seoul, we toured a temple and a museum. I don't remember a great deal about them and I would have enjoyed them a TON more if I was truely awake, but I was already pretty darn tired. One of the things I do remember are these scary sticks:

These poles were put outside houses or villages as sort of a show of strength in the village. We saw them everywhere in the country and some of them are brilliantly painted and wacky. :)

This night ended with the black tie dinner. We were supposed to continue touring throughout the day, but they decided that the people who were going to be doing demos during the dinner needed to practice, so we headed back to the hotel around 2pm. Good for me because I was able to get an hour sleep or so.. bad for those doing demos, because they didn't get to sleep AND had to practice with Master Lee.

The dinner was strange. It wasn't really a dinner for us, it was a dinner for the Korean contingent. They handed out little programs that were all in Korean and almost all of the speeches were entirely in Korean. The demos that people did were great.. until it came to the grappling demo. The grappling demo just seemed to be 10 minutes of punishment for the victim in the demo. I bought that guy a bottle of Soju later to help heal the pain. Those people who did demos also didn't get to eat dinner, because the demos were performed during dinner. *sigh* Planning isn't our strong suit apparently.

Soju is sort of like the signature alcohol for Korea (like Vodka is for Russia). It is 20 proof (so it's 10% alcohol) but they drink it like beer (which is 5% alcohol). It tastes kind of like Vodka except with more turpentine. ick.

I actually fell asleep at the dinner table during one of the speeches, so as soon as the activities were concluded we walked back to the hotel and crashed like a ton of bricks.

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