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CEO of America

I try to read Informed Comment, Thoughts on the Middle East, History, and Religion a blog maintained by Juan Cole, a Professor of History at the University of Michigan. It's a REALLY good read and I suggest you drop in every once in awhile and give it a read.

He posted an entry yesterday comparing George W. Bush to a CEO. Here's a couple of bits that sum up the point:

Let us imagine you had a corporation with annual gross revenues of about $2 trillion. And let's say that in 2000, it had profits of $150 billion. So you bring in a new CEO, and within four years, the profit falls to zero and then the company goes into the red to the tune of over $400 billion per year. You're on the Board of Directors and the CEO's term is up for renewal. Do you vote to keep him in? That's what Bush did to the US government. He took it from surpluses to deep in the red. We are all paying interest on the unprecedented $400 billion per year in deficits (a deficit is just a loan), and our grandchildren will be paying the interest in all likelihood.


What if the CEO convinced himself that the Mesopotamia Corp. was planning a hostile takeover? What if he had appointed a lot of senior vice-presidents who were either incompetent boobs or had some kind of backroom deal going with crooked brokers, and fed him false information that Mesopotamia Corp. was making a move and had amassed a big war chest for the purpose? And what if, to avoid this imaginary threat, he launched a preemptive hostile takeover of his own, spending at least $200 billion to accomplish it (on top of the more than $400 billion he is already losing every year)? Remember, it was a useless expenditure.

He goes on to talk about how it turns out the Mesopotamia, Inc. is actually just a huge money and resources drain which is dangerous because there is another corporation who is ACTUALLY looking to harm America Inc. named Al-Qaeda Inc. He breaks it down pretty logically, that if people actually looked at the facts of this administration it would make absolutely no sense to keep this CEO in charge.

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