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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

Yes We Can

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Just a small recap, since I haven't been updating regularly.

Friday evening, hung out with Ken and Shelley after a party they went to, talked and joked around with a little Carcasonne to finish off the evening.

Saturday morning I drove out to Downey and helped out with the tiny kids class. Can you say "herding cats?" I know that you can.

Saturday afternoon, Jenn went out to a park with me as a first experiment in making small video clips of my Hwa Rang Do staff form. The work itself went ok, but it looks like the quality of the movies from the little camera is less than desired. I'm going to ask around to see if friends/family have a video camera I can borrow.

Sunday morning, went to a different park with Steven and learned some White Belt Tae Soo Do stuff from Steven and taught some White Sash Hwa Rang Do in return.

Sunday afternoon, Jenn and I went and saw The Angry Twelve, directed by my buddy, Thea.

Monday morning, dragged my ass out of bed WAY to early to fly up to Mountain View for a meeting, which turned out to be pretty lame. It was a pretty standard trip day for me, didn't get a lot done, was frustrated for a variety of reasons, got some swag and came home. The upside was that I did to get see and hang out with Peisun, a buddy of mine who used to work in Santa Monica. We had lunch and joked around with some of her friends.

Monday evening, Jenn took me out to dinner at a little Irish Pub we discovered while driving down Wilshire. It was a little loud (because of Monday Night Football) but the food and service was excellent! The best part however was the company. :)

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