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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

Yes We Can

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Crazy, Crazy Day

Today was more like 3 days.

Day 1

This morning I did some work on JournalScape and went to Literati Cafe with Jenn for some breakfast and a little more computer work. It was a nice little start to the day.

Day 2

The second day begins with Kenny and a monumental fuck up. *sigh* While working on the new JournalScan features, I accidentally deleted all of the source code that handles adding, editing and deleting journal entries along with the code that handles all of the management for JournalScan. *sigh*

I screamed and cried and searched for backups. I eventually found a backup from early 2003. :( I'm such an idiot. I've been making regular, dependable backups.... but only of the data in the database. Not the actual source code. I'm such a moron. *sigh* I spent some time to try to find the changes I had made on the code and it's at least working again. I don't know if I've actually fixed all the problems or not. All of the management code for JournalScan is gone and I haven't built up the heart to rewrite all of it yet. As for adding/editing/delete entries, if you notice anything strange, please let me know.

Jenn tried to keep me sane through the whole process. You should thank her. :)

After getting things to a "working" state, I rode Jenn's bike down to Ralph's for some groceries to make dinner. I still haven't bought a new bike which means I also haven't bought a new helmet. I decided to go down some smaller side streets to avoid dangerous traffic since I was riding without a helmet.

While riding through an intersection I noticed that the woman approaching the stop sign on the upcoming cross street was not looking in my direction. I did not have a stop sign, but I slowed down because I could sense the impending badness. As I expected, she rolled through the stop sign and into the intersection and would have smacked right into me had I continued at my previous speed. *sigh*

I continued through the intersection and not 30 feet along the next section of street, some jackass in a big truck opened his door. I was intentionally riding with enough space to avoid such things, but this was a BIG door so I still had to swerve. I stopped the bike and summoned ALL of my self-control to keep from ripping the guy a new one. I turned and said, "Please look next time." He responded, "I'm sorry, but you shouldn't be riding so close to the cars. You should leave some room." To which I responded, "The only reason I was able to avoid the door was because I was doing that. If I hadn't already been 4 feet off the edge of the cars I'd be eating your door right now."

Day 3

The third day of today involved the cooking of dinner and relaxing in front of the TV with Dead Like Me and The Twilight Samuari. A much better day than day 2.

Dinner was Corn Casserole and Kick Ass Chicken Strips that I learned about from Rachel Ray. :) The chicken strips are covered in flour, dipped in egg and then this awesome combination of breadcrumbs, sesame seeds, garlic, parsely, thyme and rosemary (no sage). Fry them up in some light olive oil, then a quick few minutes in the oven and they are SOOOO good.

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