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Another World... in the 310

This weekend was spent VERY well with Jenn, Ken and Shelley for an extended birthday celebration for Ken on the island of Santa Catalina! :) (beware the link to the Catalina website is a little crazy). Shelley organized the whole thing and did a wonderful job.

We went out Friday night and came back Sunday night. We had a ton of fun gaming (on the boat, in the hotel, on park benches, etc), kayaking for about 7 miles on the ocean, snorkeling in one of the small coves or just hanging out. :)

The kayaking was quite an experience. Scary at times and hard most other times, we got to see some amazing things. Like the endangered Bald Eagle! Apparently, Catalina is one of the preserves where they are trying to increase the Bald Eagle population. We were paddling along the coast when our guide pointed up to the cliff and we saw an amazing Bald Eagle sitting upon a branch in a very regal fashion. It turned to look in our direction, lept off the branch and came zooming down toward us, flew directly over us about 20 feet above, out farther into the ocean, then paused and dove straight at the water. It came flying back to its perch, kill in talon and began to eat. It was totally amazing. We also managed to watch some Sea Lions and Harbor Seals at rest and play.

We decided to stop for lunch at a small harbor and I discovered that landing your kayak isn't all that easy. I think I must not have been perfectly straight as I approached the shore because a wave turned me sideways and flipped me over into the water. Thankfully it was all soft sand, no big rocks or anything. While I tried to regain my bearings, Ken swam out into the water to retrieve all of my things (paddle, hat, water bottles, shoes.. heh).

We stopped at another cove along the way and did some snorkelling. Another first for me! I think the ocean is kind of scary, but it was beautiful nonetheless! The weirdest thing that struck me was when I was in the water and looking down, it appears as if the Earth was moving back and forth and I was staying stationary. However, it only appeared that way because I, the fish and the kelp were all moving simultaneously with the water so all of the things in my vision that were moving... were moving the same distance as me, so it appeared that we were all stationary. :)

When we finally got back, we crashed into bed for some naps and then off to dinner and more gaming. :) Pirate's Cove and Turn the Tide seemed more than appropriate!

We took a tour of the island which took us along the top ridge which afforded some amazing views. The tour guide was a TOTAL freak which added to the humor of the whole ride. We even had some fun at the local miniture golf course, which was totally fun!

It was a fabulous weekend and will be hard to top!

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