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Turkey Civ Fest 2004

Just got back from Turkey Civilization Fest 2004! A marathon-like day of gaming, eating and joking with friends. Ken and Shelley hosted us... Jenn, Steven, Adam, Tom, Tami, Joel and me at their place from 11:30am to midnight! Shelley and others provided excellent food and snacks.

Cities were built, then destroyed (and in Ken's case, built, destroyed, built, destroyed, built, destroyed, built, destroyed, built, destroyed, built, destroyed, built, destroyed... but Troy VIII stood strong), turkey soup and sandwiches were consumed, Asteroids was played in the lulls.

I had a really great game, for awhile I was even considered to be in 1st place. In the end though, Jenn was victorious by 7 points (the range of scores was in the 4500 area, so 7 is a SLIM margin). Ken pulled out second, Shelley third and me peoples fell to 4th. Even in light of my mediocre finish, it was the best game I've _EVER_ had, so I'm totally happy.

In addition to all of the gaming and goodness, we got to see Tierzah and Allex! :) Tierzah was in town for Thanksgiving so she stopped by for many hours and talked, joked and let everyone play with Allex. He's SO well behaved! He's a happy little guy and smiled everytime I talked to him. :)

I'm going to spend all tomorrow recovering from the marathon gaming, but it was a great day and I would do it all over again (but I might try to beat back the barbarian hordes a little sooner next time). :)

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