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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

Yes We Can

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Classes, Macs, Elves

In the past I've tried to revamp my workouts or my diet to improve my health and drop weight. I usually go about trying to use an extreme diet or extreme workout schedule which means I fail pretty quickly. I'm going the balanced route now and I'm trying to improve my eating habits a little bit and work out a little more. So far this has included no chocolate in 4 days and I went to HRD class both Monday and Wednesday (something I haven't done in awhile).

Also today, I ordered an iMac! Not the Mac Mini that I posted about previously (although I still really want one). I've decided I need some more space and power and I really like the way Jenn's iMac looks. I hated them when I saw them online, but once I got to see them up close I changed my mind. So, I did some research and found out that I could save money if I bought it through Amazon instead of Apple, but I couldn't get the Bluetooth module installed through Amazon and you can't get an after-market integrated bluetooth module. So, I bought it through Apple, but I bought the extra RAM from http://www.18004memory.com and saved like $600! Woo! I probably wouldn't have even checked if Ken didn't suggest it. Thanks, Ken!

After class, Jenn and I settled in to beat back the evil Horde as our Night Elves, and for the first time, we actually fought some Horde! After we did a quest and were ready for bed, we headed back to town and a Undead Priest was attacking our town guards! I immediately ran over to help defend the town and then saw that the Priest's level was listed as ?? (which generally means death for me)... however, in defense of the town, I will give my life!

... and I did.

He didn't even really attack me, he cast ONE spell on me that does damage every few seconds and then ignored me and I just died. :)

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