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This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

Yes We Can

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Catching Up

Haven't posted in awhile, lots of reasons. Here's a recent update!


I suck and I didn't post about Jenn's new story and art that are up on Strange Horizons! You can read Tales of the Chinese Zodiac: Monkey at Strange Horizons and then leave her a comment on her journal!

Google Snow Jam 2005!

Each year, Google takes a Thursday and Friday off and takes us all skiing! So far it has always been to Tahoe, but I think next year we will be too big for Tahoe, so we might go some place else or multiple places.. who knows. I snowboarded for several hours and then danced for 4 and 1/2 more to DJs and Tainted Love, the Cover Band (warning, music embedded) (the live band).


Saturday and Sunday was filled with hunting. Either for beasties in World of Warcraft or for my new computer desk! I loved the way Jenn's looked so much that I wanted to get one like it. All the furniture in our living room is moving in that direction and it's a good direction. The problem was that it was discontinued! I called 10 different locations and finally found one out in Brea. A long drive there and back and I was new-desk-enabled.

The Skies Darkened

Late Sunday night while playing more WoW, I felt _really_ weak all of a sudden, like I was sick. When I'm sick though, this feeling creeps up on me over a period of a day, this one happened within minutes. I crawled in bed to try to get some sleep. I didn't realize it, but I was groaning and whimpering when Jenn came in a little later. She woke me up and we realized that I had a fever, so she got me some Tylenol and a cold rag and piled some blankets on me. My fever broke during the night, but I was still down for the count on Monday. The worst part is that I transferred it to Jenn. :( I'm almost all good, but Jenn still isn't feeling well. :(

The Newcomer

When I went back to work on Tuesday, I found that there was a package waiting for me. My new iMac G5! I brought it home and set it up, but I've been really uncertain how much I should use it. We ordered the extra RAM for it from 18004memory.com and at the same time got an extra Gig DIMM for Jenn's iMac. Her memory though was bad and has been causing her system to crash all the time! So, I was very hesistant to put it into my new computer, because I want to feel like it's a perfect little system. I decided to go for it though and see if it was ok and so far, no problems! I installed WoW on it last night while I played on my PowerBook. Tonight I should be able to play on the big computer! I don't have a name for it yet though. I was considering Saruman because Ken already took Gandalf for his new iMac, but Saruman _is_ evil. I don't know. Needs more thought. Feel free to throw out suggestions!

When a problem comes along...

While snowboarding at Snow Jam 2005, I fell quite a bit. It hurt quite a bit. On the very last fall, I felt my back get tweaked and I could tell I pinched a verve, so as soon as I was well enough I went to Dr. Joga (my chiropractor) and she adjusted me. I was in such bad shape she told me to come back this morning. I did and she noticed that I wasn't any better and had her Trigger Point Therapist take a look at me. She checked me out, they discussed it and they think I have multiple minor cases of whiplash. Meh.

I sent an email to Do Joo Nim and he's going to take a look at me before class tonight. Hopefully he can fix me up.

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