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Too Much WoW :)

I figured out what too much World of Warcraft looks like. :)

Saturday involved questing in Stranglethorn Vale, then Redridge Mountains, a small adventure into the Gnomeregan instance dungeon, then another small adventure into the Dead Mines instance dungeon, then a bunch of quests in the Wetlands. Started at 8am, paused for a game of Go in the middle, then finished at 1am. *phew!*

Sunday involved a full adventure through the Blackfathom Deeps instance dungeon with Gul's Angels! It was SO much fun! Ken and Shelley came over to our place with computers and food. We ate, gamed, joked and had a blast.

Here we are in the second to last room of the dungeon... right before a big three headed hydra killed us all! :) I realized, unfortunately, that it was my fault. I did a couple of things wrong in that battle which I think made the difference between life and death. Lesson learned, will do better next time!

After Blackfathom, Shelley crashed for a nap (pregnancy will do that to you!) and we towed her character around while doing some other quests. :) After the nap, we went to Stormwind and purchased our new Gul's Angels Guild Tabard! This was of course followed by stripping down to nothing but the tabard and dancing in the streets!

The gnome in the middle joined us because it was too much fun and the human in the background walked up, said, "I hate you all." and then ran off. :)

After that, we all went out to dinner to celebrate Ken's awesome new job, Woo!! Some yummy food and a ton of cheesecake.

After Ken and Shelley headed home, I played another hour or two to clean away some quests I've been putting off doing.

It was too much WoW and I loved every minute of it. :)

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