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I only run when chased..

For my Dare I said I was going to exercise everyday and that would include running/jogging. This morning, I gave it a shot and it worked out well enough. I've tried running in the morning or evening before, but I find it just so dreadfully boring that I end up focusing on how long I've been going, how long I have to go and how tired I am, etc. I have an iPod now though, so I took it out with me on the run. I definitely helped keep my mind distracted, but I need to put together a playlist of only songs that I _really_ know. I found my mind focusing on the bad stuff during songs where I only knew the chorus.

I ran all the way around the country club. It took me a little work, but I managed to get that GoogleMap to show the distance for at least two of the edges of the country club. I used a couple of maps from Google and it looks like the circuit is just over 2 miles long. I started at Gretna Green and ran down Montana to Burlingame. I walked for 2 of the 4 blocks on Burlingame, then ran down San Vicente and walked down Gretna Green to find myself where I started.

Friday, I might bike to and from work, Saturday I'm hoping to shake that ass. *fingers crossed*

Current weight: 230 lbs before running, 226 after running. Damn! I didn't know sweating like that was 4 lbs of water!

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