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Emperor's Scheduling Solution!

I just talked with the Director of Admissions at Emperor's College of Eastern Medicine. The requirement of 14 units minimum is for full time students who are receiving full financial aid, the actual requirement for me is only 8 units! Rockin'!!! :)

This allows me to take a schedule something along these lines:

Fundamentals of Oriental Medicine
MON 6~10pm 4 unit

Tai Qi I
WED 6~8pm 2 unit

Anatomy & Physiology
FRI 6~9pm 3 unit

Introduction to Herbology
SAT 9am~12pm 2 unit

That's 11 units and the Tai Qi class can be optional if I find myself too overwhelmed. However, if anything, I would imagine the Tai Qi class would HELP me deal with a hectic schedule, not add to the craziness of it all.

Friday nights have been traditionally reserved for gaming with Ken and Shelley, but with my rediscovered love of clubbing and K&S's impending Duckette we have been unsure of how the scheduling will go. This adds to that mix, but I'm sure things will work out.

At any rate, working 9-5 on Friday, hitting Anatomy and Physiology from 6-9, Clockwork Orange for booty shakin' from 10-1 and then dragging my ass outta bed for Herbology at 9am on Saturday... that's going to take chutzpah. :)


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