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Stupid News

I was relaxing and watching TV last night and decided to try out the 10 o'clock news. I haven't watched it in awhile, I usually just read Google News and watch The Daily Show.

I remember now why I don't watch the news.

These people are stupid. I mean REALLY, REALLY stupid. They lead off with a story by saying, "An unspeakable crime was committed today..." and then proceeded to speak about it for 5 minutes. Now, I realize that this is a small thing, but it is an example that the people writing these words aren't actually thinking about them. Horrible. Horrendous. Brutal. Many other words work, but if you are going to talk about the crime, unspeakable isn't the right choice.

I continued watching. "When Police arrived, the house quickly turned into a crime scene." No. When the father beat his four year old daughter to death, THAT was when it became a crime scene. Putting up yellow tape is not when it becomes the scene of a crime. Jackass.

It just gets to me that something so terrible could happen and these jackasses on the news don't even care enough to use words that make sense. A girl was murdered by her father and you can't even be bothered to think about the words you use for 5 minutes? What the fuck, dude?

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