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Long World of Warcraft Weekend

I had an especially long 4th of July weekend which I found out when I showed up at the Google office Tuesday morning and I was the only one there. :) Here is an unexciting synposis of the weekend...

Friday night and Saturday were filled with World of Warcraft, though I did clean my living room and kitchen on Saturday. Sunday I went over to Ken and Shelley's place for BBQ chicken, board games and more WoW! Monday was all about stacks of laundry and World of Warcraft. Tuesday morning, as previously noted, was started with a trip to the office only to find I was alone. Then back home for a little more cleaning and a lot more World of Warcraft. :)

Had some PvP fun on behalf of the Gul's Angels one afternoon. :) Some big Taurens were annoying a little Gnome buddy by sitting on him. The Tauren's body was so big it would entirely cover the little Gnome so that Cerveza, the Gnome in question, wasn't able to see himself on the screen. These guys were being jerks. Irideane, another Angel, and Umyang, my Priest, headed over to help out. Our server doesn't allow random Player vs. Player (PvP) fighting, you have to manually turn on your PvP flag or attack a flagged person. So, our plan was to have Cerveza flag himself and taunt the Horde into attacking him... then we would swoop in and lay down the hurt. :) Beat downs were handed out, the Horde learned not to mess with the Angels.... and I think Cerveza and Irideane got a taste for blood. *grin*

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