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It's curvy!

Did more work around the house/garden over the weekend! Much good was accomplished.

We planted more flowers and herbs, R. installed a little fence to protect them from Bodb and solar lights to prevent our backyard from becoming a scary pitch black area at night. :)

My favorite accomplishment is the installation of the curved non-corner corners on my fence! This is the part that has required the most thought to figure out how to pull it off.

Here was the idea:

... and here is the implementation (without the vertical boards):

The curved boards are made from two layers of high quality oak plywood which are glued together and screwed into blocks of wood attached to the posts at either end. On the straight bits of the fence, the vertical boards are just screwed directly into the 2x4 running from one post to another, but I was worried that the plywood wouldn't have enough holding strength. So on the curved bits, I have small metal L brackets, which I will attach to the curve by bolting through top to bottom. Then I'll bolt the vertical boards to those L brackets. :)

I've got all the fence photos on my Frontyard Fence Web Album.

Vertical boards start going on next weekend!

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