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The School SitRep

School seems really hit or miss for me this quarter. The classes I started with were:

Western Physical Assessment - We learn to perform a basic physical assessment... take blood pressure, examine retinas, inside the ear, etc.

Herbal Formulae 1 - My second of three classes about the herbal formulae. A great teacher, an interesting class... but only one major stumbling block.

Zang-Fu Syndromes 1 - A fairly fundamental class about eastern medical pathologies that I need to take before I can progress in the program.

Five Elements - A more in depth, and often alternate, study of the Five Elements from the perspective of organ pathology as it relates to emotions and physical disease.

Western Pathophysiology 3 - My second of four classes about western medical pathologies. This is the great class that brought us the topic of feminized pubic hair patterns in men.

Clinical Observation Theatre - A supervisor treats a patient with 5-10 students in the room watching and discussing the pathology and treatment.

For the first couple of weeks of class there would be times that I considered just dropping all my classes and taking a vacation until next quarter. I pressed on though... kind of. I dropped the Clinical Observation Theatre class on the first week. All of my other classes are at night and this one was early Saturday morning. My body was just not accepting this. Last week I dropped Zang-Fu because the teacher is really bad. I'm going to take that next quarter with a different teacher.

The big choice is Herbal Formulae. I love the class and the teacher, but the problem is that my psycho ex-wife is in this class. I've been unsure if I was able to be able to handle it and it's becoming increasingly difficult. I'm considering dropping this class because instead of getting to enjoy the material and really learn it... I'm sitting there annoyed (or worse). It's a horrible decision because I wish that I could just ignore her, but she has been going out of her way to mess with me. One week she actually sat right behind me even though there were other places to sit.. and then she talked to her neighbor the whole class. I shouldn't have to delay my schooling because of her insanity, but I don't know that at this moment in time I'll really be able to learn in the same room. I could talk for hours about all of the different aspects involved in this decision one way or the other... and yet I still don't know what I'm going to do.

On the better side, I'm enjoying Western Physical Assessment and am at least fairly skilled at it. I'm not getting enough practice though since I don't really have someone readily available to practice with. I need to be able to do a series of tests for the midterm in less than 15 minutes. Then for the final I need to do all of those plus all the new tests we'll learn after the midterm... and still in 15 minutes. I need to take someone's blood pressure every day so that I can start to build experience in hearing the changes in the heart beat.

Also, Five Elements! This class is taught by Dia and it rocks! I'm _really_ enjoying this class. Even though today's lecture about Fire was often a little hard to digest because it had Kenny written all over it, I still enjoyed it a great deal. At the beginning of the quarter we did a short self-assessment to determine what element(s) we manifested and I came up fairly balanced across Wood, Fire and Earth.

Last week's lecture on Wood was very enlightening. I was able to see many wood qualities in myself as well as some interesting contradictions. After mulling it over for a couple of weeks now and after today's Fire lecture, I'm beginning to see those Wood contradictions are just pathologies in other elements (like Earth). Today's Fire lecture was pretty rough though, because most of the Fire elements of my personality on more on the pathological side than the constitutional side. I evidence many of the Wood qualities physical and emotionally which speaks to a constitutional Woodiness, so to speak. However, 80%ish of the Fire qualities I manifest are qualities associated with problems with the Pericardium which is supposed to protect the Heart (the Emperor). My tendency to live with my heart on my sleeve (and therefore to be hurt easily) is because the Pericardium is allowing direct access to The Emperor when it should be providing protection.

There's a lot more to it and I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Earth comes next week! I can't wait!

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