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Hillary Clinton on The Daily Show

She pseudo-appeared on The Daily Show this week "live" via satellite... "live" because there was a long delay in the communication and I'm not convinced it was real. My disbelief on the satellite delay is due to her snickering/laughing at a joke that Jon made right as he makes it, but when he's asking question she has that 3 second delay.

Her appearance just reinforced my feelings about her that she is insincere. She's too much of a politician trying to say only the the buzz words.

She's in a big room with a Hillary banner and a peanut gallery of smiling, yet unmoving, people in the background. The interview reveals that they can't actually hear Jon's side of the interview. So, it's not even like these people have the great opportunity to be present for the interview... they are mostly sitting there and watching the back of Hillary's head while she nods at a camera. It just adds into the belief that she is too fixated on appearance.

She did take a shot at Jon Stewart when he opened the door for her to do so and I appreciated that.

Jon: Senator, let me get right into this. This election is about judgement. Tomorrow is perhaps one of the most important days of your life and yet you have chosen to spend the night before talking to me. Senator, as a host I am delighted.. as a citizen.. frightened.

Hillary: It is pretty pathetic.

However, unless she's being handed a ready-made joke, she falls back to her insincere rhetoric. She contradicts herself a lot while hitting all of the buzz phrases...

Hillary: And thank goodness we will because we desperately need a Democrat back in the Whitehouse

...which is followed up with...

Hillary: Well I have said many times that I would like to have a bi-partisan cabinet and Whitehouse, you know a lot of our problems have nothing to do with Republican or Democrat.

I watched Obama on The Daily Show and was incredibly impressed with him. I watched Hillary on The Daily Show and was not.

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