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Maya Riviera Day 1: Arrival

(These entries are back-dated to their original date. I was a little uncomfortable posting that I was out of town in my journal in real-time. I'm going to post about the trip each day with pictures and such, so keep an eye out. Also, beware because my tense will get a little wonky since some of it was written mostly in real time, some days later and some after I've gotten back.)

I hit the airport at 6:30am and made it through all the lines pretty quickly. LAX has a new security feature, which I dig a great deal. They have 3 security lines setup, Casual Traveler, Expert Traveler and Family. The Expert Traveler line is for people who all know they need to take off their shoes and empty their pockets and take laptops out of their bags, etc, etc. Subsequently that line moves much faster than the others because it requires much less direction.

The flight from LAX to Cancun is remarkably short, I expected it to be much longer. Not really sure why though, it's shorter than a flight from West to East Coast USA.

For those who don't tangibly know where Cancun is.... (I was in Maya Riviera which is just south of Cancun).

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Two memorable moments of the flight... the first I enjoyed due to a swift kharma response. I walked onto the plane, put my book onto my aisle seat and headed for the lavatory. When I got back, my book was missing. The guy in the middle seat next to mine had decided I needed to sit somewhere else and moved my book. Um... JERK. Don't fuck with other people's stuff. I grabbed my book and took my proper seat. His kharma was returned when the breakfast cart made it to our aisle.. and I got the last sandwich available. He had to go hungry. muahahahhaha

The other memorable moment was this beautiful green-eyed woman who walked up the aisle for the lav. She was stunning. I'm not often taken aback like this when I see attractive women. I will see beautiful women and think "Wow, she's really good looking," but my brain actually stopped working for second. In addition to being stunning, she was wearing a Chinese coin necklace and a Transformers t-shirt. Gotta love it. *smirk* My mouth was already open to begin speaking to her.... when her boyfriend (or maybe husband) walked up. While none of the other attractive, beautiful women I saw during the rest of the vacation were as stunning (even though maybe will still very beautiful)... the boyfriend who was just a moment behind the women would set the theme for the rest of the week.

Immigration and Customs took about 30 minutes and in the line I ran into Keaver (who I worked with at Applied Semantics and Google). We grabbed a taxi to the Hotel and did some catching up.

The resort is beautiful. It's the kind of thing where inside the resort is utterly different than outside. Outside of the resort is nasty marshland... then there is a stone wall and inside the resort are rows of hotel rooms and countless pools. Eventually the resort meets up with the beach, which is beautiful, very fine, white sand.

We ran into Clay and Sarah (the couple getting married) and hung out with them. We grabbed some dinner and Sarah mentioned there were some problems with the place-cards and such for the wedding, so I plopped down in Clay and Sarah's room and helped fix them by writing out 90ish place-cards by hand. I know how crazy weddings can get, so I was happy to help out and take away some of the stress.

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