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Maya Riviera Day 2: Welcome Cocktails

Met up with some peeps for breakfast and a bit of swimming and such at the pool. I also spent a little time down at the beach and climbed into the Gulf of Mexico up to my chest. I found the spa and scored myself a Swedish massage. I used to get massages regularly when I worked at Google and it's something I definitely miss. It was very nice! When I got back to my hotel room I crashed HARD. Partly due to the massage and partly due to too much sun and not enough water. I got my H2O on and sought out a very arcane herb to help recover from the sun.... it's called Xi Gua... or in English, Watermelon.

That evening brought Welcome Cocktails with peeps and eventually lead to the Dance Club within the resort. I really love dancing. I wish I could get people to go out dancing with me. You! You reading this right now! Let's go dancing!

Funniest moment of the day.. sitting in the sports bar at the resort, waiting for Keaver to show up, this random guy walks up to me. He is DRUNK OFF HIS ASS... I mean, DAMN, this dude was drunk. He says, "Dude............ I don't mean to be an asshole... but do you know where my wife is?" I ask what she looks like and he says, "She's got an asshole and an attitude." Laughing, I tell him that I can't help him.. but right at this moment, the front door of the sports bar opens up and this woman who is CLEARLY PISSED is standing there and barks "DAVID!" in a full on dog voice. The drunk guy says, "Oh! There she is!" and wanders off toward her. Priceless.

I met some friends and family of Sarah and we had a nice talk while lounging in a little .... um, lounging place.. surrounded by water. I think we talked until 2am or so. Much fun!

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